Robert Young spent his formative years wallowing in the proverbial muck of professional wrestling, comic books, heavy metal music, and horror movies.  Were it not for these hindrances, he would have likely become something of real use to society.  A pinnacle of leadership in the community.  A steadfastly normal dude.  There was hope, briefly, between the years of 2003 and 2007 when he bought a car and worked in an office where he plugged in people’s keyboards and spied on the lesser employee’s internet usage at the behest of his corporate masters.  But alas, he was accepted into the Herron School of Art and Design in 2008.  Here his scummy passions of days past resurfaced and merged, forming a super passion.  A laser focused weapon made of Jake the Snake Roberts’ promos, Ren and Stimpy style "humor", and images of vaguely occult absurdity.  Perhaps, if he’d made just the right choice here or there, he could have escaped back into the warm comfort of office work.  If just one person had taken him by the hand and guided him back into the realm crappy IT jobs, we could be talking about his art career around the water cooler.  Just a funny little skip in the past.  Nothing to concern ourselves with.  BUT NO!  He was accepted into the Illustration Practice MFA program at MICA in 2013 and now he’s just ruined.  Damned to make comics about wrestling and draw scummy little weirdos forever!  


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Client List

  • Time Out New York
  • Taste
  • Until Now Magazine
  • Cat Head Press
  • Milktooth
  • Love Handle
  • One to One Printshop
  • The
  • The Travel Channel


  • Creative Quarterly 42
  • American Illustration 36


  • 2013 - Cartoons is Murda Bizness
    Indy Indie Artist' Colony - Indianapolis, IN
  • 2014 - Image Harvest
    Fox 4 Gallery - Baltimore, MD
  • 2015 - Image Harvest
    Riggs Gallery - Baltimore, MD
  • 2015 - MFA Thesis Show
    Riggs Gallery - Baltimore, MD
  • 2015 - Group Illustration Exhibition
    Shircliff Gallery of Art - Vincennes, IN
  • 2016 - Tales to Tell
    Marsh Gallery - Indianapolis, IN
  • 2017 - Scumlords
    Bountiful Davis Art Center - Bountiful, UT
  • 2017 - Scumlords
    Homespun Gallery - Indianapolis, IN
  • 2017 - Fold, Staple, Riot
    Herron Gallery - Indianapolis, IN
  • 2017 - Pro Wrestling Feelings
    Logan Hardware - Chicago, IL